XGATE Multi-Units

Designed by dentists for dentists, XGATE Dental’s Accura-C Restoration System, is an advanced Multi-Unit system that provides clinicians with a comprehensive restorative solution, perfect for every case, that saves time, effort and ensures more satisfied patients.

An innovative, high precision and user-friendly system enables dentists and doctors to perform successful and aesthetic restoration procedures on screw-retained systems – with greater first-time success.

When it comes to growing your dental and implant business, “no return visits” make a world of difference.

2 Lines of Multi-Units

  • D-Type has a large cone for large bridges and All-On 4 or 6 cases.
  • V-Type has a specially designed small cone for cases on bars and small to medium bridges.

2 Types of Connection

  • Internal Hex
  • Conical

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