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The DSI Sponge Graft offers a highly effective alternative to traditional socket preservation following a tooth extraction, minimizing the risk of infections and washouts. This special design fits perfectly into the socket during the procedure, encouraging bone growth strong enough for implant installation in just 12-14 weeks

Possible uses:

  • Ridge preservation
  • Periodontal defects
  • Defects around the implant
  • Defects after resection, cystectomy
  • Preservation of the extraction hole and crest


  • Graft washout is eliminated
  • Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
  • Simple adaptation in the area of the defect
  • Volume maintenance and prevention of tissue collapse
  • Reducing the need for further augmentative procedures
  • Improving the aesthetic result of the final restorations
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DSI Sponge Graft is a revolutionary product which has a two-phase composition of pure bovine collagen and calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite mix formula. Thanks to such composition, it retains its resemblance to natural bone.

The collagen phase provides biological signals for wound healing of a socket, and the mineral phase provides primary stability, slow and controlled resorption in the operated area. DSI Sponge Graft fits perfectly into the cavity of the post-extraction socket without the need for pre-rehydration. DSI Sponge Graft is used as a protection and temporary filler of the post-extraction socket during early implantation or as a regenerative material that promotes the formation of new bone during delayed implantation. The common problem of ridge atrophy and collapsed soft tissues complicating implant placement is now solved.

Combining bone graft with a collagen plug is a cost-effective and simple method to deliver bone graft for socket preservation and ridge maintenance without utilizing a membrane.

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