NanoGen Calcium Sulfate

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As an ailternative we suggest Augma Bone Cement a better type of calcium sulphate

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Each Box of Nanogen includes: 2 patient kits!

Each kit includes:

  • 1 gram of NanoGen calcium sulfate hemihydrate
  • 5 ml regular set solution

DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants. It is:

  • Bioresorbable
  • Osteoconductive
  • 12 weeks resorbtion time
  • an Effective Hemostatic
  • Easy to Handle and Place
  • Acts as a Soft Tissue Barrier
  • Improves Implant Osseointegration
  • Cost-Effective

Available on backorder

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NanoGen is a proprietary product developed by Orthogen, LLC. Microcrystalline calcium sulfate is converted to grains of calcium sulfate (size range 200 to 900 nanometers), which are tightly compressed together to form granules in sizes ranging from 400 to 1000 microns. This unique microscopic structure imparts unique properties to the product. NanoGen undergoes controlled degradation over a period of 12 weeks as compared to 4 to 6 weeks for traditional calcium sulfate. As it degrades, it leads to the formation of calcium phosphate which is the main inorganic component of bone and which also serves as a stimulus for further bone regeneration. Osteoblasts attach to the calcium phosphate and deposit more bone in the defect.

Since NanoGen degrades over a controlled period as compared to traditional calcium sulfate, it provides the stimulation for bone regeneration over a much longer period. Hence robust bone regeneration is observed in defects grafted with NanoGen.

Because it is completely degradable, bone defects grafted with NanoGen are eventually completely replaced with regenerated vital bone. Research shows that availability of vital bone is important for the placement and eventual success of dental implants.


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