OsseoGraft biomaterials are produced in the USA at FDA & AATB certified bone banks.

  • Anatomic-based mix of 50% cortical and 50% cancellous bone particulate
  • Wide mouth jar to avoid spills
  • Time saving, eliminates the need to mix various grafting materials
  • Safe alternative to autograft
  • No need for a 2nd surgical sight
  • Lyophilized, and 5 year shelf life
  • Irradiated in final packaging to ensure a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level
  • Combines the clinical benefits of both cortical and cancellous
  • Very efficient space maintenance and speedy remodeling
  • Natural bone collagen is preserved
  • Osseoinductive properties are retained
  • Cortical and cancellous particulates are single sourced (same donor)
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Our tissue bank is specialized in the processing of living donor tissue for dental use. The importance of bone substitute materials of human origin is increasing daily all around the world. Fully traceable tissue, origin and the safety of the final products are of utmost importance and must be granted by approved tissue banks. The OsseoGraft process, uses volatile agents only, and has been proven to eliminate potential pathogens, without destroying the natural bone structure. Thus, OsseoGraft allografts exhibit excellent biocompatibility and outstanding handling properties without even a suspected case of disease transmission.

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150-500µm, 250-1000µm, 1000-2000µm


0.25cc, 0.50cc, 1.00cc, 2.00cc, 2.50cc, 5.00cc


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