Sinus Lift Hydraulic System

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Hydro sinus lift dental surgical instrument with controlled irrigation tool

  • Tips have a built-in thread for engagement
  • Schneiderian membrane (maxillary sinus) can be easily displaced by hydrostatic pressure.
  • The set includes the following aqua tip sizes:
    • 2.8mm
    • 3.0mm
    • 3.3mm
    • 3.5mm
    • 3.8mm
    • 4.0mm
  • Compatible with most maxillary sinus elevation drills
  • Hygienic due to the use of a disposable syringe
  • Compatible with any disposable syringe
  • Disposable syringe NOT included in kit
  • Only 3mm of residual bone required for crestal approach, hence treatment time and costs are reduced.
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If your main fear of performing a sinus lift is damaging or puncturing the Schneiderian membrane, this kit is a great solution.

The hydro-static lift assures safety while providing smooth and evenly distributed hydraulic pressure on the Schneiderian membrane during a sinus lift procedure.

This set can be used jointly with almost any sinus lift kit and should be a key component to your array of instruments