Registration and Instructions!

IMG_3354To purchase any of our products you must be a registered provider.  Please contact us and complete the registration form.  Once we have your verified credentials we will contact you with your unique login and user name.  This industry regulation is for your safety as well as our own.



The users of OsseoDent® Inc products must determine whether or not a particular product is suitable for a particular application and circumstance. OsseoDent® Inc disclaims any liability, express or implied, and shall have no responsibility for any direct, indirect, punitive or other damages arising out of or in conjunction with any errors in professional judgment or practices in the use of OsseoDent® Inc products.  OsseoDent® Inc has no control over the use of its products, which are the responsibility of the user. OsseoDent® Inc assumes no liability whatsoever for damage arising thereof.tart writing!

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