OmniHex® Implants


The OmniHex® internal hex tapered implant is compatible with most systems such as Zimmer®, Biohorizons®, MIS®, & Implant Direct Legacy®


Each implant includes:

  1. Transfer mount that can be used as an impression coping
  2. Final 1mm collar straight abutment
  3. Abutment screw
  4. Cover screw

Implant Body Design

The tapered design facilitates insertion in an undersized socket for expansion in soft bone. The coronal 3.0mm of each implant feature parallel-walled micro thread,designed to increase bone to implant contact at crest of the ridge. Apical to that, the micro threads transition to double lead buttress threads with the outer diameter of the implant tapering at 4 degrees, and the inner diameter tapering at 3 degrees. This dual-taper design enhances initial stability, while the two self-tapping grooves facilitate a simplified surgical protocol.

RBM Surface

The surface treatment is RBM (resorbable blast media) which is roughened implant surface. This is created by blasting suitable hardened particles of Hydroxyapetite (beta-Tricalcium Phosphate, Alpha Tcp, TTcp and Calcium Phosphate (CPP) and then subsequently dissolved from the surface with a defined passivation treatment.Surface roughness between Ra 1.2 – 1.5 is consistently achieved without leaving the residual embedded blast particles or debris in the treated substrate.
The result is a rougher implant surface then traditional acid etch treatment providing a greater surface area for osseointegration, improved retention characteristics, increased biological fixation, and maximizing implant-to-bone contact.