ACTLINK REBORN PLASMA Regenerative Activator for Implants

Unlock the full potential of implant success with ACTILINK, a revolutionary technology harnessing the power of vacuum plasma. This cutting-edge solution effectively reduces hydrocarbon contaminants from implant surfaces, paving the way for an environment conducive to improved osseointegration efficacy and enhanced blood attraction. ACTILINK improves biocompatibility through more perfect implant surface treatment, improves the success rate of surgery, and shortens the stabilization period after surgery. Elevate performance by promoting a hydrophilic surface that accelerates healing processes, fosters bone-to-implant bonding. Engineered for reliability, ACTILINK boasts an impressive lifespan of 3,000 cycles, ensuring consistent and dependable operation across diverse patients. Fast, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, this technology completes cycles in just 60 seconds without the need for cooling or drying time. Embrace the future of implant surfaces where science meets perfection– experience the next level of success with ACTILINK.

This product can make every implant better and assist in having less failures and bone loss.

  • Plasma-used biological regenerative activation technology
  • Removes contaminants from implant surfaces.
  • Implant surface activation improves hydrophilicity and enhances osseointegration.
  • Simple operation
ACTILINK™ has been validated to increase attachment, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblast cells as well as the adsorption of protein.


  • Fixture holder: If moisture remains after autoclaving it can cause water damage.
  • Please make sure to check the fixture holder is completely dry before use.
  • For use with implants coated with HA will require a firmware update.
  • Our support team can perform the update remotely.
  • Please contact us to schedule an installation.
  • No update is required for SLA surface treated implants.
  • Power supply should be replaced after approximately 3000 cycles and is available for purchase.
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Novel Plasma Technology
for Regenerative Activation of Dental Implant

Contaminants of hydrocarbon are reduced from the surface of implant fixture by the vacuum plasma to attract more blood and enhance osseointegration efficacy.

ACTILINK improves biocompatibility through more perfect implant surface treatment, improves the success rate of surgery, and shortens the stabilization period after surgery.

Super Clean Bio-Compatible of Bio-RAP™

Hydrocarbon (C atom)
Reduction more than 50%
KAIST KARA XPS (Jan. 27. 2021 / Jun. 5. 2020)

Initial Protein Attachment
Sejong University (Dec, 16 2020)
Hydrocarbon Reduction after Plasma Treatment

Before the Treatment

Carbon atomic ratio : 63.67%
Oxygen atomic ratio : 20.37%
Titanium atomic ratio : 04.22%

Binding Energy (eV)

After the Treatment

Carbon atomic ratio : 15.30%(△-43.87%)
Oxygen atomic ratio : 60.16(△+33.79%)
Titanium atomic ratio : 22.81%(△+18.59%)

Binding Energy (eV)


Increase Cell Adhesion
and Activate Osteoblasts

Fixture compatibility
by manufacturer


  • Accessories

    Introducing the accessories used with the ACTILINK REBORN

    Accessory Kit

    Accessory Kit used by ACTILINK reborn, which allows you to plasma treat fixture and abutment using Rocket Holder. It can also be used as a fixture hand piece adapter for your implant fixture brand.

    Dental Implant Holder

    VORTEX Plasma Implant Holder is concentrated by plasma technology.
    Depending on the holder type, even Fixture and Bone Graft Materials can be plasma treatment.

User Manual

Enhanced Osteoblast Adhesion and Proliferation

Improvement of Osseointegration Efficacy

Improving Osseointegration With Gas Plasma

Forced Convective Heating for Low Temperature Sterilization

  • Size (W x D x H): 168 x 340 x 254mm
  • Weight: 16 Lbs
  • Cycle Time: 15 sec

Additional information

Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6.6 × 13.5 in


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