Cortical Bone Pin


  • 2mm x 13mm (1 per box)
  • 100% resorbable cortical bone allograft (4 to 6 months)
  • Osteoconductive
  • Esay use and preparation
  • Can be trimmed and modified by the dental professional
  • Negates the need for removing a screw after healing
  • Minimizes creation of a site defect
  • Naturally maintains space
  • Provide stability during the initial healing phase
  • Prevent collapse of a membrane or gingival tissue
  • FDA Registered
  • Fully accredited member of AATB

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The “OsseoPin”, Allograft Cortical Bone Pin, is machined 100% mineralized cortical allograft pins for dental surgical procedures are a innovative natural approach to space maintenance, while providing stability in the grafted site. They come pre-shaped to exact specifications the surgeon can rely on.  Indicated use is to prevent socket preservations and ridge augmentation from collapsing, particularly in a site that has lost facial or lingual bone.  The cortical bone pin provides the space necessary for osteoconduction to occur, while providing stability.

“Historically, titanium screws have been used in dentistry as a means of maintaining space and preventing membrane collapse at a newly grafted site. Often, the need to retrieve the screw after bone regeneration leads to the recreation of a bony defect.  In dental procedures, cortical bone pins have been used in the same way to maintain space and provide stability in the grafted site.”


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