MCT Bio GBR Master Kit IV



Used for the fixation of membranes (non-resorbable and resorbable), titanium mesh, and bone blocks

Kit includes:

  • 30 Screws are included as well as 12 tacks which makes this kit flexible
  • (12) 4.5mm Length Tacks
  • (5) 1.2mm x 3mm Screws
  • (5) 1.2mm x 4mm Screws
  • (5) 1.4mm x 4mm Screws
  • (5) 1.6mm x 8mm Screws
  • (5) 1.6mm x 10mm Screws
  • (5) 1.8mm x 10mm Screws

Tacks and Screws are made of FDA approved titanium

Tacks are strong and will not bend or break under normal loading condition

Tac applicator firmly holds tacks in place, making tack transportation easy

Color coded for easy identification

Only compatible with MCT drivers

A measurement scale is implemented on the tack and screw organizer to help determine screw lengths



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