Hydraulic Sinus Master


  • Prepared for crestal and lateral approach
  • Components specifically designed to minimize risk
  • Easily and safely displace or lift the Schneiderian membrane
  • Drill stoppers to prevent excessive and over-drilling,
  • Contains:
    • 6 Crestal Drills: Ø2.0, Ø2.5, Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8, Ø4.2
    • 8 Drill Stops: 1-8mm
    • 4 Hydraulic Crestal Reamers: Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8, Ø4.2 – built in hydraulic pressure!
    • 2 Lateral Drills (1mm, 2mm)
    • 2 Lateral Reamer drills (2mm, 3mm)
    • 1 Bone Carrier
    • 5 Lateral Sinus Instruments (inc. 1 Sinus Depth Gauge/Packer)
  • Trephine burs cut and detach bony wall


  • Maxillary bone can be drilled efficiently with the Sinus Master Kit.
  • After measuring the cortical bone length, steadily approach with crestal drill with stopper until last 1mm.
  • For the last 1mm, finish with crest reamer with 1mm stopper. Drill mainly relies on diamond particles.
  • Use sinus lift instruments to help lift up the sinus membrane.



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