Resolon™ Non-Absorbable Monofilament Sutures


  • Treated nylon
  • Much softer than regular nylon
  • Monofilament construction prevents bacterial wicking into surgical sites
  • Available in USP 4/0 to USP 7/0
  • Available with black premium 300 series stainless steel needles
  • Suture Length: 45 cm
  • 12 Sutures/box
  • Made in Germany

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Resolon™ Non-Absorbable Monofilament Suture

Download Resolon™ Non-Absorbable Monofilament Suture Product Information

Resolon™ is initially like traditional nylon sutures until it undergoes a proprietary treatment process that results in a softer and more supple version of a nylon suture. Resolon™ provides clinicians a non-absorbable monofilament suture option that does not wick bacteria and has superior handling characteristics when compared to traditional nylon sutures.

Additional information

Weight N/A

4/0 (0.15mm), 5/0 (0.1mm), 6/0 (0.07mm), 7/0 (0.05mm)

Needle Type

ART13 Premium, DSM11 Premium, DSM13, DSM13 Premium, DSM16, DSM16 Premium, DSM18, DSM18 Premium, GR22 Premium, HRT18 Premium, HS18


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