VeraGraft Pericardium


  • Resorption profile of 16 to 26 weeks
  • Can be cut to shape for specific procedures
  • Natural biological dressing
  • Designed for successful tissue and bone regeneration
  • Provides an excellent healing environment
  • Acts as a guide for the regeneration of vital tissue
  • Functions as a barrier during the critical period of wound healing
  • Rehydrates quickly
  • Easy to manipulate and handle
  • Cleared by FDA
  • Fully accredited by AATB®
  • 1 membrane per box
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  • Human pericardium
  • Biocompatible; easily assimilated into the body’s normal tissue healing process
  • Contours to ridge; highly cohesive and adaptable
  • Originates in the Pericardial sac
  • Preservation Method: Lyophilized
  • Containers must be stored at ambient temperature,
  • Common Surgical Applications: pericardial defect, dura matter repair, and periodontal reconstruction
  • Pericardium acts as a scaffold for the ingrowth of the patient’s own vascularized connective tissue
  • It is absorbed over time through a process called remodeling.
  • The timeframe for remodeling depends upon the site; patient age, health and metabolic and nutritional status; biomechanical load on the graft
  • Cleared by FDA
  • Fully accredited member of the American Association of Tissue Banks



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15x20mm, 20x30mm, 30x40mm


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