Bone Cement Is The Future

We are very happy to announce that OsseoDent is now a distributor of Augma Biomaterials and their great bone cement products.

We truly believe that their products 3D Bond & Bone Apatite are ground breaking game changers in the field of bone regeneration. Bone cement has numerous advantages over traditional bone powder.

We strongly suggest that you watch some of the instructional videos we have added below.

Augma Biomaterials Ltd. is a dynamic, innovative Israeli company, that develops bone substitutes and accessories for bone augmentation  in maxillofacial surgery.

The activity of the company is focused on two main categories:

  • Development of novel augmentative products that are based on many years of personal experience and consider the challenges which clinicians in the dental field face.
  • Service and broad support for clinicians to ensure better, faster and readily achievable results.

The vision behind the formation of the company originated from the inspiration of the developer, Dr. Yahav Amos, D.M.D, to find a bone graft substitute that could serve clinicians in a wider spectrum of indications, based on motivation to find the ultimate one.

Dr. Yahav Amos, D.M.D

Dr. Yahav Amos, D.M.D, is the Chairman of the Board and Founder of Augma Biomaterials Ltd.

From his practical knowledge, highly experienced background and after handling a vast number of cases, Dr. Yahav began to revive his vision to combine simplicity, efficiency and proven results into the dental surgery field.

Dr. Yahav is known worldwide for the revolutionary products he invented, which aim to improve the results of oral augmentation process results.

The company continues to operate under these principles in order to bring further developments and innovation to the dental field, all for the benefit of the clinician.

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