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What Is This Book About?

If your practice is adequate, but unremarkable, there is a way to create a positive change within your practice and start realizing how you can create the kind of success which multiplies each year. From the initial impressions patients get in your waiting room, to new marketing techniques, this book touches on many simple changes that can bring your practice positive change. By following the Five Steps outlined, you can elevate your implant practice from good to great. The advice is specific and detailed, and will make a difference not only in your practice, but perhaps in your everyday life as well.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Amazing Book:
You like the challenge of placing and restoring implants. You enjoy doing more comprehensive dentistry on fewer people. You love hearing how implants have changed your patients’ lives. You want to do more of them. Implant Excellence will show you how. The journey to Implant Excellence has five steps. Each of the five are explained in easy-to-understand and highly practical ways in this book.
  • Build a solid Practice Foundation: All structures standing the test of time have sturdy foundations. The same is true of your dental practice.
  • Be a Master Marketer: After your foundation is in place, people will need to know about you and the implant services you provide. Otherwise, no one will benefit.
  • Make It Easy for People: Now that people know about you, make it easy for people to accept implant dentistry by having series of comfortable conversations with them. Now they can make the decisions to benefit from your implant services.
  • Keep Your Promises: You’ve promised patients a high level of clinical excellence and pleasant experience. Now you must keep all your promises.
  • Take action: You can’t make the journey to Implant Excellence by yourself. You need to be a legendary leader of a dedicated team. You will also need to capture the ideas needed to successfully make the journey. And there are over seventy-five powerful and practical Implant Excellence ideas in this book. Then you must set the goals that will be the stepping stones to the implant practice of your dreams.
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