• Quickly harvest osteogenic autogenous bone
  • Minimally invasive procedure – tunnel technique
  • Ultra-sharp 160 degree cutting blade allows autogenous bone collection from any bony surface
  • Manually harvest autogenous bone preserving cell vitality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Disposable
  • 0.25 cc collection chamber
  • 1 Scraper/box


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The Micross cortical bone collector is a unique bone scraper that allows clinicians the ability to harvest autogenous bone in narrow, hard-to-reach areas near the defect. Because the external diameter of the Micross is only 5 mm, bone can be harvested without raising a flap by using a tunnel technique. The unique micro-blade makes harvesting cortical bone from a variety of bony surfaces in hard-to-reach areas quick and efficient.

The autogenous bone harvested by the Micross is directly collected in the device’s 0.25 cc chamber. The graft is harvested with coagulated blood, which gives it biological plasticity shortly after collection. This causes the graft to be extremely easy to handle and mold. The Micross is a sterile disposable device that provides clinicians with a unique solution to harvesting autogenous bone with a flapless procedure.

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