OmniHex® Surgical Drills


Compare to Implant Direct®

  • Externally irrigated
  • Rated for 15 uses
  • Highly visible score lines
  • Titanium nitrate coated for increased cutting lubricity
  • Shipped non-sterile
  • Available in 8 diameters
  • Please refer to our drilling sequence for more details

OmniHex with Slogan

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OmniHex® Surgical Drills

  • The initial 4mm of the step drills is the smaller diameter
  • Must be steam sterilized in autoclave at 132°C or 270°F for minimum of 20 minutes prior to use.
  • Cleared by FDA
  • Made of 465 stainless steel, providing a superior combination of strength, toughness and stress corrosion cracking resistance compared with other high-strength PH stainless alloys.


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Pilot 1.8mm, Extender, Depth Gauge, Direction Indicator, 2.3/2.0mm, 2.8/2.3mm, 3.4/2.8mm, 3.8/3.4mm, 4.4/3.8mm, 4.8/4.4mm, 5.4/4.8mm


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