Invented by a Dentist

Xpanders™ are the most atraumatic elevators devised to date.

Just a small amount of penetration into the PDL space is all that is needed for maximum lateral tooth movement. The more movement you can get with a dental elevator prior to the use of forceps, the less likely root tips will break off. These intra-ligamental elevators are an absolute necessity in any modern dental office.

The double-pronged, diamond grip action allows for a stable two point contact between the crest of bone and the neck of the tooth.  With simple twisting, one point locks onto the bone, while the other point pushes the tooth laterally, causing bucco-lingual socket expansion and superior pre-forceps loosening. Get the full power of 360 degree socket expansion with Xpanders™.



Why Dentists love Xpanders™:

Bone preserving

Atraumatic bone preserving elevators.

Faster + Easier

Only takes a small amount of penetration into the PDL space for maximum lateral tooth movement.

“These are nothing short of fantastic! The first time I usedXpanders on a broken down canine, I was amazed and grateful.A worthy addition to my OS arsenal.”

– Steve Baldwin, DDS

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Driver Use

Anterior Set, Combined Set, Posterior Set


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