Protect Your Implant and Abutment Interface with a Bacteria and Fungi Resistant Gel

Benefits of ImplaFlow™

• Odorless and tasteless
• Improve and simplify oral hygiene habits
• Minimize cervical bone loss
• The bacterial microleakage dilemma is finally solved
• Reduce peri-implantitis
• Eliminate bacteria and fungi deposits
• Eliminate toxins and odors
• Eliminate bone loss around implants

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ImplaFlow™ is a super hydrophobic prophylactic proprietary gel coating formulation. It is a safe and effective homeopathic treatment that provides immediate and lasting resistance to bacteria and fungi in those critical and relevant areas of the abutment and implant interface. Use as a prophylactic treatment on the threads of abutment screws before seating into the dental implant body.

Eliminate the toxins and foul odors that harbor around abutment chambers and screw channels. Helps to prevent bone loss around implants. It is supplied in a syringe to be applied to abutment screws before seating onto implants using disposable individual patient syringe tips.  

This flowable silicone polymer was developed by a dentist to be bio-compatible and pH stable. It is conveniently supplied as a multi-use application syringe with disposable tips. It is safe and effective when properly used and the clinical guidelines are followed. 

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