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Sensitive teeth are painful and pose a problem for many. Unfortunately, getting rid of the problem has always been the challenge. That is until now, thanks to DentaKOTE-S.

DentaKote-S is a revolutionary formula that is applied directly to the sensitive tooth or teeth. It instantly stops and eliminates painful sensation.

Clinical studies using actual patients have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of DentaKOTE-S. in relieving painful sensations. Each patient experienced immediate and lasting relief. This is true for both young and old patients.

Ask your dental professional about DentaKOTE-S today and find out for yourself what living pain free is all about.

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6 Reasons Dentists MUST Use DentaKote-S Routinely in Their Practice

  1. Eliminate root sensitivity immediately
  2. Halts patient complaints regarding the poor efficacy of other products
  3. Applied by staff in minutes. Dentist’s time is used more productively
  4. Excellent additional source of passive revenue generation for practice
  5. Incredible results, incredible referral generator.
  6. Can be billed to insurance as well, D9630, because some policies do have coverage for desensitizing agents and applications for medicinal agents.

What is DentaKOTE-S?

It is an approved medical grade polymer that is safe to use in the oral environment. Can be applied effortlessly and quickly to relieve the symptoms of sensitivity and more.

How long does it last?

A single application has lasting effects. Reapplication is recommended at your subsequent recall visits. Patients who have had an application of DentaKOTE-Sare reporting the elimination of the sensitivity lasting for several months.

Is it expensive?

It is affordable and most dental insurances may assist with the cost. Ask your dentist or hygienist how to incorporate this into your regular dental routine.

What happens if it does not eliminate all the sensitivity?

In some instances, DentaKOTE-S may not work to relieve sensitive tooth/teeth issues. Let your dentist know as you may need a second application. However, if after a second application sensitivity still exists, it is important to notify your dentist. You may have an underlying and more complex condition. Our results have been very successful on healthy teeth that are not causing problems due to a more serious condition.

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